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"This has been one of the most motivating sales workshops I have ever attended. Dr. BC Farnham and Ray Shrout bring excitement and passion back into the hospice sales world. The knowledge they have shared is immeasurable. I truly believe our company will see considerable growth in the very near future."  Julie McCants, Community Relations Manager, South Carolina

" This was a very exciting, well presented and informational seminar. I would recommend this program to any Hospice Organization. I enjoyed the energy and knowledge of  the team." Kay Dye, Executive Director, Utah 

"The training was great! Very interactive and fun. Great techniques and strategies were presented." Emily Nobert, Regional Director of Sales and Marketing, Arizona 

"I found this training educational, stimulating, thought-provoking, growth-oriented and entertaining! This experience will be a valuable tool every day in the course of my position." Michelle Battle, Health Care Professional, Colorado 

"It was an honor to be a part of the program.  Extremely knowledgeable instructors and I look forward to future training." Brian Kiser, Area Director, North Carolina
" I have been through numerous trainings and by far this is the BEST training program. You are given tools that you can actually utilize in your job." Marygrace Hollingsworth, National Director of Business Development
" I found the training to be INVALUABLE. BC is engaging, charismatic, and a clear expert in the industry." Robyn Scott, Community Educator, Massachusetts 
"The Consortium program was beyond excellent! B.C. did a fabulous job engaging everyone and keeping our attention for every single second! He taught us so much relevant information that we will definitely be able to use out in the field! This Tennessee Girl LOVES Dr. B.C. Farnham! His southern humor and charm were so refreshing! Not your usual training program! Fabulous!" Amy Beard Markham, Community Educator, Tennessee
" The Consortium was very informative and effective in helping me to utilize the talents I already had but in a more effective manner. The process is a necessity to Hospice or any other part of sales." Nicole Brown, Community Educator, Arizona 

"Very informative for beginners in hospice as well as a refresher course for those that have been in the hospice business for a long period.  Very good speaker.  Very knowledgeable." Shelia Wells,  Mississippi

"This is by far the best sales training I have ever been through. BC and Ray are engaging and truly help with team building." Leigh Nunn, RN, Community Relations Manager, South Carolina
"I highly recommend this program for everyone. I have already seen improvement in both clinical and sales relationships and look forward to seeing continued growth in our company." Angie Rogers, RN, Executive Director of Clinical Services, South Carolina

"I wholeheartedly recommend sales training with The Consortium for Advancements in Health and Human Services, Inc. The information presented was tailored to our industry and delivered with style and wit."
Celeste P. Jones, Massachusetts

" I learned more about effective selling and customer service than ever before. The sales model is easy to understand and efficient. If you are not only serious about your business but also your customers, then Dr. BC Farnham and "The Consortium" are for you!"  Josh Butch, Executive Director, Massachusetts
"BC Farnham is full of energy and very informative. This was time well spent and would recommend this program to any health care professional." Tim Hayes, Area Director, South Carolina
"I loved this training! BC Farnham is extremely engaging and makes you want to learn more.  I will take 100% of what I have learned and put it to use. I love, love loved it!" Hannah Key, Colorado
"I have attended many training/sales seminars and wondered how you would hold my attention for the entire seminar- BUT YOU DID. Thank you, it is always beneficial to evaluate and reevaluate your tools/skills/market. Great tools to help achieve BIG GOALS."Deanna Ray, Community Relations, South Carolina

"BC is quite entertaining! The program was unexpectedly encouraging and engaging. Well worth the challenge of facing where you are to transcend into who you want to be."  Ysabelle Haggard, Colorado

"The training was very useful, practical and entertaining. We learned to work together as a team. This will help us in inspiring our staff and growing our business." Joanna Nightingale, RN, Executive Director, Nevada 

"The training seminar was informative and helpful not only in sales/marketing area but also emphasizing relationship building within the community. The role playing scenarios were most helpful in identifying our strong or weak areas. B.C. and Ray are dynamic facilitators!"  Peg Shermer, Community Outreach Director, Arizona 

"This has been the most informative and enjoyable sales training program I have ever attended in my healthcare sales career. The information was excellent and the instructors were very enthusiastic and engaging. Thanks for sharing your love of sales and hospice"  Melissa Camak, South Carolina